Finished Reading a Book by a Startup Veteran – Guy Kawasaki, Reality Check

I just finished reading Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition. Guy is a startup veteran and a venture capitalist who doesn’t need to earn living by writing books. And that is what makes this book a treasure.

Good books on startups, entrepreneurship, management, topics like that, are rare, because the real masters, the people who make successful companies usually don’t write books. Guy, having written more than one book about his own experiences, is one of the rare exceptions.

Generally the book, which is built up as a sort of collection of essays from Guy’s blog, contains two types of wisdoms:

  1. The ones that I have already experienced myself the hard way.
  2. The ones, that I haven’t yet bumped into and thus find surprising, but make complete sense after some consideration.

While the most of the emphasis is on how to create a successful startup (ideas, planning, financing, execution, human resources, etc), it also manages to cover most of the important questions an engineer would probably have during his carreer, starting from college, through jobs at Big Corps, startups, personal life and everything. I wish I’ve got those advises about 15 years ago, when I had my studies at university. I’m not sure, how much I would have listened to those at that time, but still, I wish I’ve had at least a chance.

(Stats: about 470 pages; reading time – 25 hours 50 mins in total, spread across couple of monthes, 3 mins per page on average)


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