Video: Downhill on Skis – the Moments that Make Me Happy

Today I returned from a one-week vacation from ski slopes on Ylläs mountain — the ski-slopes with highest vertical drop in Finland and located beyond the Arctic Circle.

I decided to take a video shot of coming down from the top, and almost missed it. Namely, I left it to the last day of staying there, and the day happened to be cold and windy — there was enough snowdrift for ski-resort officials to not open more than only one lift that took to the top. Only couple of blue tracks didn’t have the “closed” sign at the top. Day before that, allmost all lifts worked and all tracks were open.

I managed to find that one lift, gathered my will, and went up. Due to the strong wind and snowdrift I hesitated a while whether I should descend, holding the shooting camera at hand, or play it safe and forget about shooting.

At first, I was more worried about the camera than myself – I might break my camera in case of falling down. Then another issue emerged – after trying to operate the camera with a bared hand (without glove) for couple of seconds, my hand started to freeze due to the sharp icy wind. So, I had to put the glove back and hold the camera somehow this way, but the glove was too inflexible to be able to use zooming or any other buttons during descent. Pretty clumsy stuff.

Anyways, stupid as I am, I couldn’t help myself with rational thinking in the end and I shot my descent. There were couple of moments when I wasn’t too sure about my balancing outlook for the next second, but I made it down alive, in one piece (both camera and me), without any falling, happy as a child!

Here is the result (descent starts after 1 min and 43 seconds of wondering and hesitation into the video):


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