The DailyPerfect News Site Is Publicly Launched

As usual with well prepared launches, the most exciting and rewarding moments are the last count-down moments before the launch, and observing the smooth lift-off of the baby – the first 400 users signing up in first 3 hours. These are the moments to live for!

DailyPerfect, where I wage my very own personal startup battle, has reached a major milestone. We have launched our flagship news site, a showcase for the company’s groundbreaking behavioral targeting (predictive personalization) technology. The explanation of how it works is here.

It is a great pleasure and extremely fun to work with the team who are making it happen. Ahti Heinla, the former Chief Architect of Skype, is the mastermind behind our core technology. Louis Kanganis, a startup veteran with a sharp business mind and our new CEO, is building up a strong sales and business model to commercialize our technology. When you add to that a team of sharp-minded engineers, what more could a startup-crazed software developer ask for?

Come sign up and try it out! Whether you are or are not the kind of a person who takes notes when something breaks, please feel free to send any feedback or thoughts on DailyPerfect to us. You can use the Feedback link in the footer of the DailyPerfect website or email me (and anyone else on the DailyPerfect team) directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: read also the followup post that I made a week after launch: The First Week Passed Since DailyPerfect News Site Launch.


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