The First Week Passed Since DailyPerfect News Site Launch

One week has now passed since we launched the DailyPerfect news site that’s shows our predictive personalization technology in action. On Friday I posted The DailyPerfect News Site Is Publicly Launched — the next morning emotions after going live with the service. Here is what has happened during the week.

The launch was on Thurday. By now, we have got 8000 unique visitors who have made 9000 new user requests. On Friday, we basically got the coverage from all the significant Estonian media publishers. Here is the (far from non-exhaustive) list of feedback we have got from the international public since launch, during the week:

And last, but not least, the chat in twitter has been displaying a dominating strong wow-effect during the week: the Twitter chat on DailyPerfect (this search result, of course, updates all the time – it won’t freeze in the „first week picture“). Most people are amazed, a few a bit sceptical or worried 🙂 about the personalization results. Some are tweeting news via DailyPerfect „Tweet this“ feature. Some give a praise for the nicely done user experience, as one twitter user did put it: „I think really hit the sweet spot of lazy registration pattern“

It is really exciting to have this all going on. It has been one of the coolest weeks in my life.

Check also my posting from last Friday, The DailyPerfect News Site Is Publicly Launched.


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