I Contributed My Tenor Voice to the XXV Estonian Song Festival

I am happy like a kid again. I had an honour to be a part of a world’s largest amateur choir that had more than 26000 singers together on stage. I used to be a tenor singer, but trying to outperform the volume of the rest of the choir resulted my voice range narrowing down to baritone.

I wrote about my Tartu Song Festival participation and taste of Estonian singing culture in an earlier post, I Participated on Tartu Song Festival Yesterday.

On that earlier post I mentioned my feelings I experienced during the previous participation. This time some unique aspect was that for couple of songs, I was in the front row on the stage — the views from there to both back and forth were awesome. The other thing I haven’t experienced earlier, is watching (and participating) the crowd of 100+ thousand people doing waves — starting from the back rows of the stage, ending at the back rows of the watchers. I managed to capture some of them with my video cam — perhaps I’ll put some up here later, when I verify that they are really visible in YouTube quality. Whew… Those were some additions to the memories of life :).

Here are couple of photo shots of the participation on the Estonian Song Festival.

This is how it looked from the back rows of the watchers. The stage is rather little crowded at this point — only the brass band is on stage:


This is how it looked from the stage at the most crowded moment. There were more than 26000 singers on stage, probably some 60-80 thousand watchers:


And this is how I looked myself, in my on-stage outfit:


To read more background information about the event, check wikipedia.


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