My Video of 100 Thousand Crowd Doing Waves at Tallinn Song Festival 2009, Shot from Stage

Here is the video that I shot while being on stage of Tallinn Song Festival 2009, contributing my free hand (the other was holding camera) to the waves made by crowd of more than 100 thousand people.

In my earlier post, I Contributed My Tenor Voice to the XXV Estonian Song Festival, I promised the video clip of the crowd waves. So here it is.

This is a moment from Tallinn Song Festival, where there are 25 thousand singers altogether on stage, and up to 80 thousand watchers. While logistics conductor is packing another 5000 kids on the stage, crowd is doing waves, starting from the back rows of the singers and ending at the back rows of the watchers:

As a bonus, from YouTube I found also this year version of the most important song performed on the festival (this is not shot by me):

To see the 1991 year version of the same song and read some background story of it, check my earlier post: I Participated on Tartu Song Festival Yesterday.

See also my previous post about the festival, I Contributed My Tenor Voice to the XXV Estonian Song Festival.


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