New Year Eve — -19 Degrees, Band, Smoke Sauna, Ice Hole, Lunar Eclipse, Breathtakingly Beautiful Morning

Another year sent away together with friends. This time, the place chosen for that important event was a breathtakingly beautiful winter picture near Otepää (the Estonian ski-resort). Below are some pictures (mostly not taken by me) of it.

Temperature on spot was 19 Celsius degrees. The place had a smoke sauna with an outdoor ice-hole in the lake:


The ice hole — it is not me on the picture below, but I dipped myself twice, into it. It was so sharp cold that the moist on the skin of bare naked feet momentarily froze when stepping on the bridge, so it felt like the ground is sticky.

Some people decided to skip the icehole and jump into some nearby snowdrift. This one feels also pretty cool — you don’t feel much when you come directly out of the sauna’s steam room into snow. There is just more psychological fear than it is really worth — snow is aerial and it won’t feel that extreme than dipping into ice hole. But the snow sticks on your body for a short time — when you walk back to the steam room, you feel how it starts melting on your skin and the coldish water streams trickle down your body — that’s the feeling :):


The same sauna in the next morning. Still -19 Celsius degrees:


Somebody ordered a partial lunar eclipse. I am not sure what moment the picture captures, but the maximum of the eclipse was at 9:21 PM local time:


Then some band emerged out of nowhere (yes, it is me there on the pictures):



And of course we didn’t mis the fireworks:




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