Tartu Marathon – Finished. The Main Competitor: the Bastard in the Mirror – Beated

On Sunday I participated Tartu Marathon, the Estonian most popular traditional classical style ski marathon. This time it had a record number of participants over many years. There were 5050 people who started the longer, 63 km track, of which 4780 finished. I finished 2693rd, with the time 5h 46 minutes. I achieved my main goal and did beat my main enemy — the one I see in the mirror. A happy face after the finish:

As everybody who participated had their favourites/friends/neighbours with whome they tried to match themselves, I had a funny competition with some of my friends as well. One of them finshed 11 mins later than me, another 16 mins, and a third one 57 mins. But the main enemy is the one I see in the mirror, and I did make my point to that bastard – my finish time this year was 5h 46 minutes, which did beat my previous year result 6h 44 minutes.

A week ago I tested the track and my fitness in the Tartu Marathon Open Track event. I wrote about this and a bit more about the Marathon itself in a previous post a week ago: The Results of the Yesterday’s Tartu Marathon Open Track, Main Event Next Week, Goal: Beat My Previous Year Time.

Here comes the list of checkpoints with official times:

Checkpoint 2010 2010
Open Track
2009 Distance
Matu 1:02:16 0:50:43 1:08:22 12 km
Harimäe 1:31:27 ???
Ande 1:45:51 2:13:15 23 km
Kuutse 2:45:45 2:31:02 3:08:27 32 km
Peebu 3:28:59 3:07:45 4:00:30 39 km
Palu 4:09:22 3:43:33 4:50:30 47 km
Hellenurme 4:48:30 4:16:19 5:30:01 54 km
Finish 5:46:38 5:13:52 6:44:01 63 km

In general, the track condition was a bit harder than on the previous year, as lots of fresh snow fell down the night before, and the track was pulled into that soft snow. That made skis a bit harder to glide. On the other hand, I managed to pass the Kuutse-Peebu passage before the shorter track crowd joined, so I didn’t get stuck behind them. and on previous year the second half of the track was finally for me in much worse condition due to that additional crowd.

The main ski event for me is now over for this year. On the second day after the marathon, I am feeling quite ok from the muscle fatigue. I didn’t have any specific lactic acid pains yesterday either, but I need to recover yet from the heel blisters.

I am now considering to participate on another 40km classic marathon, the Haanja Marathon, on 6th of March. Beyond that I’m looking forward to have some sports fun on upcoming summer season. I am not a die-hard sportsman, just a tech geek who is having some out-door fun. Skiing is my favourite, but I like endurance stuff in general: mountain bikes, orienteering, running.

Below are some more pictures — I am the guy with the number 3389.


Palu checkpoint — pretty exhausted by that time:

Finish, the savior line:


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